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Homework is set online at Beckley. Homework in all classes is set on a Friday, for handing in the following Thursday. Pupils from Year 1 to Year 6 are set three homework tasks:

  • A ‘Homework Grid’: Homework Grids are set on Google Classroom during the first week of each half term. They contain nine activities relating to the curriculum topic, or wider curriculum areas such as Science, French or Music, or our termly concepts. Pupils choose one activity to complete each week and either upload their work to Google Classroom, take a photo or bring their work into school. These activities range in level of creativity required, from writing sentences to making models, in order for pupils and families to choose something they are able to complete that week. 

  • Mathletics: All pupils have a ‘login’ to Mathletics. Maths activities are set weekly on Mathletics for pupils to complete. Mathletics activities increase fluency and accuracy in Maths. 

  • Spelling Shed: All pupils have a ‘login’ to Spelling Shed. Spelling activities are set on Spelling Shed which help pupils understand spelling patterns, the standardised Key Stage Word lists, and practise for one-off spelling tests and challenges. 

In addition to this, we expect all pupils from Reception to Year 6 to read regularly at home: 

  • Reading: Pupils bring home books from school, which they should read regularly with somebody at home. In Reception and Key Stage One, these books are matched carefully to pupils' phonics learning. We encourage pupils to read and be read to at home. Allow your child to 'have a go' at new or tricky words before helping them out. Make sure reading is a relaxing, enjoyable time for your child. It doesn't always have to be books - practice reading a recipe aloud as you cook, or reading an interesting headline in a newspaper. It all counts!


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