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Why Work at Beckley?

Beckley C of E Primary School is made all that it is by our dedicated, hard-working, knowledgeable colleagues. We value our staff incredibly highly, and want the best for them in their individual careers and as part of our team. 

Staff well-being is a priority. We regularly consult staff on their well-being and aim to support everybody through the challenges of their role and share in the celebrations with them. 

We offer excellent opportunities to develop in your role, including regular personally-tailored CPLD opportunities as well as long-term plans for career progression. We help to shape and create leaders. 

We offer a beautiful location, friendly, polite pupils, a close-knit community, and a lively staff team who enjoy working and having fun together. Working for the River Learning Trust offers excellent networking opportunities, a generous pension scheme, and support from education experts. 

We are also keen to take those interested in Teacher Training through the OTT SCITT for placements and have an excellent track record for supporting those in the early stages of their career. See the OTT SCITT website here for further details. 

Our vacancies are advertised and applied for on My New Term, so do keep an eye on our page here for opportunities. 

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